Friday, 25 March 2011


Do NOT, under any circumstances, eat a MR.NOODLE while reading a book!
...Which is what I did five minutes ago -__-...
If you want a lovely spattering of yellow stains over your beloved pages, go ahead! Eat this delightful snack!
But if not...curb your appetite for noodles AND reading, and enjoy them separately!

...Knowing me, I probably won't heed my own advice...


  1. LOL. No matter what I'm eating, it always gets on the book I'm reading. Never fails. I'm worried now that I have a Kindle. One spill and that thing is done!

  2. Oh God! I couldn't own a kindle and NOT destroy it!
    I fear lending my friends any of my books because they always point out the bits of crumbs or tea stains :P

  3. I can't stand lending out books either. I did a few times and it would come back with tears or stains or dog-earred pages. I was ticked off! I wouldn't do that to someone else's book. Now, there's only one friend I trade with because she takes care of her books.