Saturday, 26 March 2011

Spine Cracking

Crack, crack, crack...
The lovely sound of the spine of a book cracking! 
Some people have a fear of damaging their book in any way.
...That's not me.
I mean, I keep it in good shape in every single way.
...Except when it comes to the spine.
I love to watch the little white lines appear on my books as I fold it in half. 
If there ever comes a time where we have to exclusively read off computers or kindles, I will be extremely pissed.
I like to touch the pages,
Smell the mould,
And crack the spine!


  1. Me too! :-) So glad to hear that I am not alone, always get a bad conscience when I hear how other people hate it when the spine cracks. I love it! It is like opening a present.

  2. " opening a present."
    I couldn't say it any better myself!

  3. Nooo, don't do it. Haha, I'm the type who barely opens a book to read it so I don't 'hurt' it. Cute drawing though :-)


  4. lol...Didn't mean to offend! :P
    But you should really try some "cracking" cause it's really fufilling ;)

  5. Maybe I will try it sometime...who knows, maybe I will love it too.

  6. Amen! I abhor those little Kindle-y things that /dare/ to call themselves books!

    No electronic device will ever replace a real, solid book. Ever. ;)

  7. Power to the pages! FOREVER!