Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Bought and Borrowed!!!

I was so excited when my Mom picked up the third book in one of the best trilogies I've read in a long time, "The Iron Queen" by Julie Kagawa!!!!! Gahhhh!  Can't wait to read it :)

My friend Justine (a bookful of thoughts) also lent me "Delirium" by Lauren Oliver <3
I'm already more than half way through it and I love it!  It's so beautifully written and original.

~I'm been MIA for the past week due to a bunch of school work and PROM!  I had a bunch of fun (which resulted in complete laziness) with all my friends :)  The food, the DESSERTS, the dancing, the dressing up...It was an incredible night <3~


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun!! Great. Two wonderful books. Enjoy!!

  2. I completely agree! I love Julie's Iron Fey series. It is definitely one of my favorites. And I'm dying to read Delirium. I hope you enjoy both. Also, I'm glad to hear you had a fabulous time at prom! Awww, I remember my prom. Sigh...