Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Poetry: Total Lack of Inspiration

Here's a tiny poem I wrote the other day when I was desperately looking for inspiration...Tis about staring at a blank wall in the hope that it will offer up ingenious words of wisdom...It didn't.

Total Lack of Inspiration

I’m sitting on my couch,
My butt is growing numb,
I look around and wonder,
If ideas are soon to come.

My brain is working slowly,
The mind, a blank, black slate,
These words are hard to come by,
I’m bound to stay up late.

The TV’s softly calling,
My book, a foot away,
I need to take a shower,
But homework steals my day.

By Sarah Ng (May 2011)



  1. Ugh, homework steals my day too!

  2. Haha, this is a wonderful poem! I can relate indeed. Homework does take up waaay too much time.

  3. Brilliant poem, Sarah! I don't have homework anymore but trust me I fully understand. Lately I've found myself helping my brother with his homework and it takes foreverrrrrrr =D.