Friday, 22 April 2011

Friday's Finest (3)

Friday's Finest is a new meme hosted by Steff & Justine from A Bookful of Thoughts.
~Post a quote that really stuck to you after reading it in a book.
~Make sure it isn't a spoiler!
~If you'd like, expand on what you think it means and why you chose it.

"Words were useless.  At times, they might sound wonderful, but they let you down the moment you really needed them.  You could never find the right words, never, and where would you look for them?  The heart is as silent as a fish, however much the tongue tries to give it a voice."
      ~Cornelia Funke (Inkheart)

This has happened to me so many times...You know what you want to say but you can't find the words!  Thus, you turn out looking like a bumbling idiot!


  1. This has happened to me a few times too.. It's kind of embaressing when I keep trying and trying to say the words exactly how I want them to be but can't ugh. I start talking to much and repeating myself lol

  2. This used to happen to me all of the time! But if you pause and take your time, the words come out :) Now I don't have to worry ^^

  3. Thanks for following me! I'm a new follower!

    Great quote from Inkheart, and I totally get what you mean! I think everyone's gone through this at least once. Did you read the rest of the Inkheart series? I don't think I ever got past Inkspell.

  4. I couldn't get past Inkspell either, so I never got around to finishing up the series...I loved 'Inkheart' though! Thanks for following :)

  5. Wow, that last line really hits it! I love love love this quote, Sarah! I can't love it enough! Oh and I've never read Inkheart....