Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Music: Keane

I'm supposed to be studying but I can't stop abusing the replay button on Keane's acoustic performance of "Somewhere Only We Know"...:S

Here's my stop at procrastination station...<3...
It's delightful!


  1. I have a friend that loves Keane! You should check out her blog! She did a post on them. Here's the link: http://sonnyinkdout.blogspot.com/2011/03/keane.html

    By the way, do you like Charlie St. Cloud? I saw the movie and then read the book. And even though they ended up being totally different. I loved them both! I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your review :)

  2. I'll be sure to check her out!

    I like it so far, but I only just started :)
    I LOVED the movie too! (Zac Efron...mmmmmm)

  3. Thanks for following me!! XD I looooove Keane: this is one of my favorite songs! I rly like ur blog! I'm going to follow you now! XP BTW, Zac Efron IS cute! Oh, & I see Beastly is on ur wish list! It's wicked sweet you should totally read it!! Thanks again!

  4. Hey, I know that song! It was great hearing the acoustic version! Thanks!

  5. Ooooh, this video is amazing. And this certain song is marvelousss <3